Lift-It™ Flexible Bucket Separator -Set of Three Blocks 1.5oz


Lift-It™ Bucket Flexible Separator blocks prevent stuck buckets

  • Lift-It™ flexible bucket separator blocks eliminate buckets sticking together.
  • No more fighting stacks of stuck buckets or damaging/breaking buckets trying to get your buckets apart.
  • LIft-It™Flexible Separator blocks easily attach to virtually any size bucket 1-7.5 gallons buckets.
  • If your bucket breaks, remove the Lift-it™ Flexible Separator blocks and attach to a new bucket.
  • Lift-It™  Flexible Separator blocks are made with UV-resistant resin to last for years.

Buy the blocks once use them for life.

Product Specs

Block length  3 3/8 x 1 1/4 x 1/4

Block set 1.5 ounce

UPC  7-52226-50001-6

In stock

Additional information

Weight 1.3 oz
Dimensions 3.38 × 1.25 × .25 in


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Conquering Bucket Attraction!

Who hasn’t endured the frustration of stacking multiple buckets only to have them stick together, rendering them almost impossible to separate?  Most buckets are ultimately broken and discarded after repeated attempts to pull them apart by beating them with a hammer, wood maul, chunk of wood, whatever is handy!

Broken buckets = waste of time, energy and money

Simplicity is #1
Observing this problem time and time again, I embarked upon a new challenge in my life as an inventor. The job: design a product that would keep buckets separated when stacked. This new endeavor involved trying various ideas and methods to easily keep buckets separated – without using any tools. And it had to be easy enough for a child to pull up a bucket for dad!


At the outset, I destroyed seven out of 22 five-gallon buckets trying to separate each one from my stack of buckets. After days of testing different types of separators, I honed in on a couple of designs, created several prototypes, tested each of them and voila! – the Lift-It™ Flexible Separator block was born!


Smooth operation
The Lift-It™ Flexible Separator block is made of hard UV-resistant plastic, with a flexible design that fits the curvature of any size bucket.  After months of working with 3M, I fashioned a section of unique two-sided tape that sticks to both the Lift-It™ Flexible Separator blocks and buckets.

Now with the Lift-It™ Flexible Separator blocks attached, I can pull up one bucket at a time  See Video.  I’ll never need to replace a broken bucket as the result of destroying it to pry it apart from the stack!

Buckets with Lift-It = save time, energy and money!

“I’ll never have buckets sticking together or pick up any bucket without a Bigg Grip™ handle attached.”Larry F”

Another lifetime product from StarTech International.