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Star Tech International is independently owned and operated by John Joseph (JJ), an energized inventor, product designer, entrepreneur, and small business owner. Established in 2001, Star Tech offers innovative solutions designed to make living easier for both work and play.

JJ pioneered the Wrap-N-Strap™ as Star Tech’s first product, followed by the Lift-It™ and Bigg Grip™.


Designing products that make living easier

Star Tech International - founded in 2001

Star Tech International is an innovator of products that make living easier.

Our products are designed and built to last years.

We strive to give our customers the best products and customer service that exceeds your expectations.


Wrap-N-Strap™ launches Star Tech International Worldwide

The first product developed by Star Tech, the Wrap-N-Strap™ quickly catapulted the company and its founder JJ to fame, becoming a sought-after, highly functional accessory appreciated by everyone from musicians to campers.
Wrap-N-Strap™ solved the age-old problem of containing cords and cables of all sizes. It’s the first cord and cable organizer made of flexible rubber with a sturdy plastic fastener. Once Wrap-N-Strap™ is attached to a cord or cable, it’s ready to use and never gets lost. The straps are available in 4, 6, 9,12,18 and 24-inch lengths, in black and assorted colors.

Committed to Quality and Integrity

At Star Tech, we strive to give our customers the best products and customer service with the goal of exceeding their expectations. And, we never stop looking for new product ideas to help make living easier! All products are designed to serve a unique purpose, yet are highly versatile to enable dozens of uses. And of course, they’re built to last for many years!

As we like to say, “Buy it once, buy it for life!”


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