Bigg Grip™ Ergonomic Handles 2oz


  • Our Bigg Grip™ ergonomic bucket handle is made of top quality ABS UV resistant resins, built to last for years.
  • Bigg Grip™ has the perfect safety design, large-diameter to spread heavy bucket weight evenly on your hand to help prevent injury to your fingers.
  • The special large Bigg Grip™ ends of the handle “lock” your fingers on the handle reducing the chance of your hand from slipping.
  • Bigg Grip™ can be attached to bucket handles with or without the original small white plastic handle.
  • Only Bigg Grip™ has the capability to be “easily” removed from a broken bucket handle in under two seconds and attached to a new bucket–Bigg Grip™, Buy it once–buy it for “life.”
  • Attach Bigg Grip™ to handles on animal cages for easier handling and ropes to give you more pulling power. If the Bigg Grip™ fits, you now have the best handle.
  • So many uses for the Bigg Grip™ removable bucket handle!

Product Specs

Handle 4 inches in length

Weight 2 ounces

ID -in Hole diameter 11/16 (.685)

Ends 1 1/2 inches diameter, basic handle 1.25 +- inches diameter

UPC  7-52226-60001-3

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Additional information

Weight 2.0 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1.5 × 1.25 in


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A Handle That’s Easy on the Hands

Let’s face it: when buckets are full and heavy, they’re hard to carry.  The white handles that typically come on buckets are too small in diameter, resulting in sore hands. It’s even been reported that some people have required surgery after damaging their finger tendons from caring heavy buckets with white handles!

I eagerly seized the challenge to create a better bucket handle. I wanted to develop one that was easy to attach and remove without tools. After several designs, shapes, contours, and testing, the Bigg Grip™ handle emerged as the clear winner!

Strong and durable
The Bigg Grip™ handle is made of ABS UV resistant plastic, ensuring it will last a lifetime. Attach it to any size bucket to replace the white handle or attach to buckets with only a wire handle (sometimes the white handle is missing).

Flexible – Transfer and Reuse!
The Bigg Grip™ is the ONLY handle that can be removed and attached to a new bucket – and, in under two seconds! Attach it to ropes to increase your pulling power. Fit it onto a container or equipment with a cloth or metal handle, such as camping and boating accessories, and you can conveniently distribute the weight, making it easier to handle and save your hands from injury.

“I’ll never have buckets sticking together or pick up any bucket without a Bigg Grip™ handle attached.” – Danial Bates