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Introducing the Bigg Grip™ Bucket Handle and Lift-It™ Flexible Bucket Separator Block.

Four reasons to buy

  • The Bigg Grip™ Handle makes it super easy to carry the bucket
  • The Bigg Grip™ can be transferred to a new bucket, making it a lifetime product
  • The Lift-It™ Flexible Separator blocks keep the buckets from sticking together
  • The Lift-It™ Flexible Separator blocks can be removed and applied to a new bucket, making it a lifetime product
  • Shipping $4 under one pound – one pound and over $7 shipped Priority envelope.

At Star Tech International, we build great lifetime products!

A Breakthrough in Ergonomics

Star Tech International has developed a cutting-edge breakthrough that will save your hands, save you time and reduce discomfort. The days of numb fingers from poorly designed bucket handles and sore backs from trying to separate stuck buckets are gone! The Bigg Grip™ was designed to give the feel of a real handle, with the design that “locks” the hand on the handle. The large flared ends keep the fingers in place, less chance of slipping off the handle making the Bigg Grip™ a five-star rating for safety.

Why Our Handles are Better!

Big box stores, hardware stores — any place that sells five-gallon buckets — sell the lowest cost, stripped down buckets with a handle that’s good if the bucket only contains air. Once water or material is added, the small white handle is painful on the hand. Bigg Grip™ handles spread the load onto more of the surface area of your hand, letting you carry heavy objects longer and pain-free. This will reduce the possibilities of any arm, shoulder, or back pain or hand injuries.

You Deserve the Best!

Let’s face it: buckets stick together. It’s the basic design. All my broken buckets are the result of trying to break them apart with a hammer or whatever is nearby. Now, when you apply the Lift-It™ flexible blocks, buckets easily pull apart–even 5-year-old kids can pull one bucket from the other bucket. No more stacks of stuck buckets!
Your bucket with the Bigg Grip™ handle is easy to carry and the Lift-It™ Flexible Separator blocks attached make your bucket the “real” bucket, the one not sold in stores.

What Customers Are Saying

“I always dread hauling a big bucket full of fresh water because of how the handle bites into my hand. Now with Bigg Grip™ I can carry it without stopping from the spigot to the stall and hang it up without having to set it down in the dirt or shavings. Love’em. Need to order more —everyone else wants one too!!” -Jim H

“I am gonna tell you all who are considering buying these handle grips…You need these! Best money I have spent in a long time… and if its cold outside, so nice on your hands. No complaints I will buy more….” -Roy T

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